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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Are you afraid the fat will come back???

That's what I've been afraid of here lately. Oh hi, I'm T- Remember me?! Not dead, just incredibly busy with life. Blah.... Hope you're all well.

So, as I was saying. I'm finding it difficult to part with my 'fat clothes'. I keep thinking that this is only temporary and I'm a twinkie away from needing those fat clothes again. (bad analogy as I HATE twinkies, but I digress...) I'm in serious need of some new clothes though. My bday is quickly approaching (my 7th annual 29th birthday!) and I think I'm going to treat myself to a shopping spree. Scentsy has been good to me, so mama deserves it! But still, I keep feeling like these smaller clothes are a novelty and I better keep the big stuff close at hand for when I need it.

Will that feeling ever go away???

On a brighter note, this morning I weighed in at a wonderful 187.5, which translates to DK's 183.5. WOOT. But I think it's a fluke because me and the girlies have been sick this week. Strep. Uggghhh. We've all been picking at our meals. I'll take a loss anyway I can get it though.

Anyway, my DH and I celebrated our 9th anniversary a few weekends ago and that pic, albeit anbad lighting pic but you get the idea was taken on our hot date weekend!. :)