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So, I'm 34.  Will be 35 in May actually.  Not looking forward to that.  In five short years I will be 40.  That hurts just to type that.  40.  OH MY FREAKIN GAWD.  How did that happen???  There is no way I'm turning 40 in 5 short years.  I still feel like a teeny-bopper obsessing about NKOTB inside.  Say it aint so.

Ahhhh, so ya, I'm old. 

I've been married to my amazing husband for 8 years.  He's a normal to bigger sized man, and he loved this fat chick from the beginning. :) I'm not one of those wives that gained a bunch of weight after the wedding or after the kids or after whatever. I was fat when we started dating in 2000 and fat when we got married so he knew exactly what he was getting into. :) With my impending change, it's all icing to him.  He just wants me healthy and around to help him raise our beautiful girls.

I have two kids.  P1 and P2.  Of course, not their names, but that is how I will refer to them for now.  P1 is my firstborn.  She's 7 and is my sweetheart.  She's so tender-hearted and only wants to please you.  She's absolutely beautiful, but I'm not biased or anything!  She's also very bright and although sometimes gets in trouble at school for being too chatty, she gets awesome grades. 

Then there is P2.  My baby.  My little hot tamale.  She's almost 1 (again, how did THAT happen?!?!) and shares her birthday month with me.  She is such a sweet & beautiful baby, with the biggest temper. OH MY is she going to cause me grief when she gets older.  I can already tell.  I should have known she was going to feisty.  While I was pregnant with her, I was considered "high-risk" (surprise surprise) so I had many sonograms.  Everytime the tech would come in on her, she would wiggle and move around as if to say "leave me alone, bitch!!".  The tech would smile and say "she's a feisty one!".  I believe it.  Then, right after she was born, one of her nurses made the comment "she's tiny but she's tough".  Then at her first pedi appt, while the dr was checking her out, she put up a good fight and he said "Look at her defending herself!  She's a tough one!".  So yep, she's certainly my daughter.  While P1 is more laid-back and mellow like her daddy, P2 is stubborn and fiesty like me.