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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dr. Appt Update

I had my appt yesterday and surprisingly I had lost almost 2 lbs in two weeks. I couldn't believe it, but I'll take it. I was able to get a fill. Praise the Lord!! .4cc up from last time. That puts me at 4.8cc in my 10cc band. My highest was 6.3, and now I'm finding it can't hold like it used to. She said I would probably never be able to get that high again. The second time I had issues, I was at 5.5cc.

So that's that. She gave me some new tips. She said "DO NOT EAT ANYTHING YOU CAN'T PICK UP WITH A FORK." Huh, what?! That includes finger/snacky foods either, & soup. So basically, anything good must be avoided. hahaha Why does this have to be soooo hard?!?!? I think your first year with the band and your second year are like night and day. SOOOOO different. That first year, you think "I SOOO GOT THIS" and now the second year you actually have to work. HARD. Ughhh. Why can't it just be easy?!! If it was, we wouldn't need the band. Right??

My dr wants us to do three days of liquids following a fill. What does your suggest?? I normally give them a day, and then it's back to business as usual. You think that's my problem? "YOU THINK?! DUH!!!" I can hear most of you thinking. So, this time I'm determined to go the three days on liquids. I've got my Optifast shakes for breakfast and lunch, and I do have some soup for dinner that I can puree. Does that count as a liquid? I hope so. It's an awesome Sausage, Kale, and Lentil soup I made from scratch. It's SOOO yum! that's that.

I'm determined to get my ass back in the right direction. My clothes aren't fitting well and that scares me. I'm used to them being too loose. NOT TOO TIGHT. :(

Until then....take care everyone!!! Oh, and if anyone needs any Scentsy- let me know! LOL Just your friendly consultant here too! haha

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Let's just start over!

Hi, I'm Trinity and I was banded on 6-29-10. I started at 262.5 and as of this morning, I'm at 181. My lowest was 169 for a minute. That was until I slipped my band vomitting while sick- ONCE. Pop. There it went followed by the back pain from drinking water and the intense reflux. I had a complete unfill right before Thanksgiving, and lets just say...MAMA ENJOYED THE HOLIDAYS. Too much, and now I'm paying for it.

Today I have an appt with DK to get another fill. I'm at a 4.4cc now and feel like if you put a horse in front of me, I could and would eat it. I have zero restriction. Sure, I've slowed down, but I can still eat a hamburger. And fries. And maybe even a shake. Mmmmm, shake. I digress.

Here is a comparison shot of me a few weeks after surgery (around 246lbs) and my lowest 169.

I can't believe that's me on the right. I look, normal. Or chunky normal. Not obese. Now that I've gained 11lbs, I feel like the girl on the left. I feel like I've failed. Like I'm going to start climbing up and up and up again. that is me in a nutshell. I will be better about blogging. I missed the support I had, and more importantly, I missed the insights you all have given me with your blogs.

Anyway, Happy New Year and I hope you're all doing great! Wish me luck at my appt today. I'm going to ask for a super fill with a side of wired jaw. ;)