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Monday, March 28, 2011

What do you know about a dialated pouch?!?

Who is that girl?! This was taken a few weeks ago when we went camping with the family. Me? A camper? Not so much, but we still had fun!

So in all my 71lbs loss glory (WOOT!!!), there has to be a dark cloud hovering nearby, right? Well mine is called a dialated pouch. I guess I'm at the upper end of normal and the PA at DK's office told me I need to 'watch it'. Uh-ya. OK. Watch what?! Apparently she seems to think I'm eating too much, therefore stretching out the pouch to almost the width of my band. Sometimes I can barely eat anything, while other times I can eat two tacos from my fave place. I don't know what's going on.

I try to listen to my body when I'm eating. At the beginning of a meal, I can take 2-3 bites and feel normal. About the 4th-6th bite I start to feel fuller. Almost tight. If I wait a while I feel like I can slowly start again. Then a few more bites and I start to feel restricted again. Now here is where I think I go wrong. If I keep eating, I start to feel better and feel like I can eat more, so I do. Sometimes. Other times I quit while I'm ahead.

Since I'm now 'watching it', I stop when I feel that restriction and I don't push it. I guess it's working because the scaled finally moved a few lbs from last week and I'm resting at 191.5!!

I have an interesting NSV to share. I was shopping with P1 on Saturday and we were at JCP in the kids dept. We ended up in the plus sized girls dept and I found an 18.5plus size dress. It totally looked like it would fit, so I decided to try it on. Guess what?! IT FIT!!!!!! Now, it didn't look good by any means, but at least it fit. GIRLS DEPARTMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWZA!!!!!!!!!!!

Another NSV- Strappy sandals with a 2 3/8 wedge heel!!! They fit, they aren't W, and they are super cute!!! See!
Well, that's it for the night. I hope you're all well and rockin' your bands!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hey There, Hi There, Ho There

Howdy Party People.
I'm alive, aliveeeeeeeeeeee.

I'm also sporting 195.5 this AM FINALLY broke down past the 197 mark. I was getting pretty ticked off there, but alas...the scale humored me today. Tomorrow is official weigh-in Friday. I'm hoping the popcorn I just devoured doesn't do me wrong. :/

Anywho- It's been an interesting two weeks. Nothing major to report about, just some observances. My behavior when it comes to food and weight loss completely baffles me. I'm learning that what that scale says morning after morning determines how I eat for the day and how I feel about myself. Should the scale have that much power over me?

What's even more weird is this: I lose a pound and think "that's awesome T, you CAN eat that ice-cream you've been wanting". OR when I gain a pound, it's "Ah crap T, what the Eff?! Might as well eat that ice-cream you've been wanting". Either way, I'm getting that ice-cream. PATHETIC. It's my reward AND my punishment. Food is. WOW, how unhealthy is that behavior?! Somebody call in a shrink, or send her in this direction because this little one has some issues.

I've also learned that it's a major cycle of mine that when I'm losing and doing well, I'm OK (or relatively OK as I mentioned above). Heaven forbid though, if the scale budges an eighth of a pound in the other direction, I totally do a 180 and think that "well, you've already blown it...might as well keep eating and gain all your weight back in one day". Why on Earth do I do that?? What makes it worse is that I think I've given myself some false security thinking that I will NEVER be physically able to gain the weight back again. I need someone to tell me that they gained it all back. I need that fear. Right now, I have a bit of cockiness thinking I won't ever gain it back as long as I'm banded with restriction. Hmmmppphhh I'm a hot mess too (seems to be a lot of us going around).

In other news, I'm rocking a size 16 pants now. I've got some skinny jeans (ya, I know they're out now- but I'm keeping them!) that my aunt sent me from Forever 21. Did you know that F21 carries plus sized clothes?! Me neither. She sent me an 18 and a 16 and they both fit!!! ALSO- OH and this is a good one. Do you all remember when I posted last summer about the size 14 capris that I got last summer on clearance? Well two out of the three FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG. I can squeeze my ass into a size 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited when I was able to zip them that I hollered "FOURTEENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". My P2 was in the other room and came running down the hall to see what mommy was yelling for and she repeated it "FOURTEEN!!!!!!!!". It was so cute and a proud moment for SURE!!!

I remember buying those pants and thinking they would NEVER fit and here, they fit. Now I won't wear them in public anytime soon, but just to know that they fit and I could zip them is AMAZING. If I could just get my head in the game and quit trying to self-sabotage I would be golden!!

Here is a pic of my baby just because she's my Princess and I love her bunches and bunches. Doesn't she look like she'd make a perfect toddler Renesmee?!?! I think so! :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

197, why won't you let me go?!?!

I'm stuck.

I can't surpass the 197 mark. I get to 196.5 and then jump right back up. I don't know what I'm doing besides not exercising (I know.). I consume roughly 800-1000 calories a day. Never more than 1200 I'm sure. I don't drink my calories. I don't drink any soda. I don't eat bread or pasta. I don't eat candy in large quantities. I will have a miniature every other day at work though. lol Once a week I have an ice cream. I eat my veggies, protein and cheese. I do notice I don't drink that much water. I think I pee three times a day, maybe four.

Hmmm, now that's got me thinking. Maybe the fat isn't flushing out because there isn't anything doing the flushing. DUH (cue Charlie Sheen voiceover). Sometimes you just need to work things out via your blog and you will get your answer. LOL

OK, that's my goal for this weekend. I will drink water like a fish and see what the scale reads on Monday. This morning I was 196.5lbs. I promise to report back on Monday and see what it says.

On a great note- I added two more Scentsy girls to my team & I got my first fundraiser!! Sooooo happy!! I'm on my way to becoming a Director!! :) Want more info about this great company, send me a note! I'd LOVE to chat! It's trinscentsATgmailDotCom :)