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Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's coming out. :/

The unavoidable is happening. The band has got to go. :( I had my follow up EGD appt yesterday and while everything was fine, the doctor said it needs to come out. I guess the stomach is still prolapsed over the band a bit. Lovely.

So, now they're pushing the paperwork through insurance to get me the revision to a sleeve. I'm still not sure how I feel about it. When I was considering WLS two years ago, I never considered any other PERMANENT option. Never. So, now that I'm faced with the decision, I have no clue.

One thing I do know is that since I've been unfilled, I've gained 8 EFFIN pounds. :(. I've been exercising & everything... Eating healthy & tracking on MFP. I did go on a bender yesterday though. Two donuts from my pre-band favorite place in the world and Panda Express for dinner. :(. It wasn't a stellar day and this morning I'm dreading the scale.

Anyway- thanks for reading. I'll keep you posted.

Love, T

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  1. I am so sorry :( But it sounds like you have a plan. Hopefully the insurance approval is quick. Hugs.