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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Little bit of This...

Thanks for the Z comments from before, friends. I was able to get it a few days earlier than expected and let me tell you DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, I'm just destined not to take this damn medicine. Thinking about it now makes me throat tighten up and makes me want to hurl. Uggghhhh. I've been doing it though. I mixed it with some SF Koolaid Fruit Punch and that made it taste a hair better, but man alive is that shtuff NASTY. In fact, that reminds me...I forgot to take it last night and I have yet to take it tonight. Ugggg. Pity me. ;P

So what's been going on with me????

Hmmmm, finally had the girl's bday party yesterday. It was a hit. It rained cats, dogs, and chickens, but the turn out was OK. On the invitation, I asked for "Regrets Only" to call. Did I receive any?!?! Only one, so I thought almost everyone (22 kids) were coming. Well, we only had like 12 kids show up. I mean, is it really too hard to pick up the damn phone and say you can't make it?!?! Makes me mad. So, needless to say, I have a ton of party favors and cupcakes leftover. Speaking of cupcakes, I did very well and I didn't even have a nibble. I can give up cake. If it was a brownie, well, that would have been different.

So, did I tell you about the knock-out drag out with the hubby? Ya, it wasn't pretty....but long story ended with a plan of action, tears, and AMAZING SEX!!!!!!! hahahaha TMI- Sorry. But isn't the making up the best part of any fight with your lover?!?!?

EJ is doing well. Still tight, but I'm slowly being able to eat more. Last night, after the party, we went to a local pizza place with the family. It was a buffet and it was the strangest thing to be there and not eat until I felt like I was going to explode. In fact, I kept having this weird thought in my head for some reason. It was "Oh, this is good pizza...we'll have to come back when I can eat more." Then I would think "HELLO?!?!? You will NEVER be able to eat more!!" It was kind of depressing. In fact, it was real depressing. There it was, good food and LOTS of it at my disposal and I couldn't gorge myself. Very odd. I guess I still have some work to do concerning my new normal. I left feeling stuffed at eating a 1/4c of salad, two fettucine noodles, 1 med slice of pizza with only half the crust and the (measly) toppings off of two other pieces of pizza. Oh, and half of a dessert stromboli! YUMMMMMYYYYY. Wow, even that sounds like way too much food for me, compared to what I've been consuming lately.

Maybe I've griped about this before, but since living in the south, around this time of year I'm always preturbed at the people who say they 'don't do Halloween' due to their religious convictions. BUT, they see nothing wrong with doing a 'Fall Festival' and such. I hate to break it to you people, but it's the SAME DAMN THING, minus the door to door candy exchange!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You think by removing witches and goblins, and keeping pumpkins and scarecrows that all the "BAD" stuff is removed. Nope, it's still dog shit, no matter what kind of pretty box you put it in! RIGHT?!?! IDK...that's just something I had to get off my chest! I love Halloween. I also LOVE Harry Potter. SHOCKING, I know, I'm going to Hell!!! bwahahahahah

Hmmmm, what else can I bitch about?!?!

I'm almost done with the Halloween costume. P1 is going to be a woodland Fairy. Did I mention this?! I will post pics when I'm through! I will also post pics of the party. I made the cupcakes and the cupcake stand all by my self! The table looked cool and P1 loved it! That's all that matters!!!

Anyway, I guess I better go to bed. I still have to take my yucky medicine. I know someone gave me a suggestion about using that syrup from Walmart, I would love to know more about a recipe. I saw the flavors, but I don't know what will work best!! Thanks gals!!!!!! Hope everyone has a fantastic week!

OH- before I forget. If you all could spare some thoughts and prayers, I would greatly appreciate it. My 83yo grandpa had a fall a week ago and it was determined that he had a bleed on the brain. He had surgery to relieve it on Friday, but today they found another. He's currently in ICU awaiting a plan from his doctors. It's very hard on our family as we've been EXTREMELY fortunate not to have any serious illnesses thus far. My grandma is having a rough time as he's been her loving husband for 58 years. Thanks everyone.


  1. Prayers are there. November 19, I can't wait! OK I am a nerd. I have banned buffets from our family. I can't handle the guilt.

  2. Wow, that was a long post full of lots of different subjects. Sorry to hear about your grandpa, and why am I finding out about that on your blog??? Good luck finding a way to consume your happy juice and I hope Halloween is lots of fun for you all. Can't wait to see pics. :)