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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Maybe tomorrow

So I did that Zumba today on the Kinect. Wow. Talk about advanced! I felt like an idiot! Even more than I already do at a real Zumba class! I had it on the easy level too, and the moves were crazy fast. The good thing though, I lasted 20min (baby steps) and I'm kind of sore now.

Maybe tomorrow I will be greeted with being in One-Derland. Dare to dream. Last week the scale was being a bitch. Down a pound. Up two pounds, down another pound. It didn't want to make up its mind. I was grateful that I ended the week with a two pound loss. Thankfully. I was stressing because if I would have gained, I would have blamed it on the unfill I got recently. I still feel pretty tight though. I'm able to drink fluids easier and I was struggling with that. I still think I need to up my fluids. It would only help with my loss, I'm sure. I used to be so good at drinking it, but the fills have made it more difficult.

Note to self, drink more. Pee more. Period.


  1. Keep doing that Zumba!! I know it's hard, but eventually it's going to pay off!!

    Keep on keeping on!!

  2. You can do it!
    Also, I nominated you for the stylish blogger award...check out the details on my page.