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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Huge Milestone

Look at that. Isn't it pretty?!? 50. FIVE ZERO. FIVE ZERO POUNDS GONE FOREVER.

That's right, this morning I was greeted by a BEAUTIFUL WONDERFUL 212.5lbs on the scale!!!!!! I've lost exactly 50lbs in 6months and 1 day since my surgery.

Is it really possible to think that by the time my anniversary date rolls around that I could be down 100lbs?!? I'm not going to jinx myself and make that my goal because I would hate to be disappointed. I'm just going to keep my pace at losing 10lbs a month and see what happens!!!

Hmmmm, 50 freakin pounds!!! It was a beautiful sight to see!!

So, how do I feel being 50lbs lighter?? What changes have occured, you ask?!

1. I can walk up two flights of stairs and not feel like I'm going to die when I get to the top.

2. I can easily climb in the backseat to buckle my baby in her carseat without feeling like I need a crane to hoist my ass into my SUV.

3. I can get up off the floor from playing with my kids and not feel like my knee caps are going to shoot across the room and kill my husband!

4. I'm waking up in the morning feeling well rested and back pain free (although I'm still grumpy in the mornings and HATE to wake up early, I'm thinking no amount of weightloss is going to change that. I digress....)

5. I can actually walk through the misses dept in a store and feel like there is SOMETHING there that will fit me.

6. The fat clothes in the stores are starting to look really bad to me now. Everything I find doesn't seem like it would flatter me. I guess when you're that big, you don't want to "flatter". You want to look decent at the very least, or in my case, "hide" behind the clothes.

7. My wedding ring is getting dangerously loose on me. I'm thinking about getting it sized, but think I will wait til early July (bandiversarry give or take).

8. Food no longer controls my life.

9. I don't wake up in the morning thinking about my next meal and then the meal after, or what sounds good to me that day.

10. I now wake up thinking about the day ahead: the items I need to accomplish with my career, my personal business and my family, especially my beautiful family.

11. In public, I no longer fear that I'm the biggest person in the room.

12. Fast food is a novelty these days, not a staple.

13. I've thrown away so many Friday donuts at work it's AMAZING. I take a bite (ya, I can't say NO entirely yet), and get my crack fix (haha) and then throw the rest away. Many of you might remember the cookie incident way back at the beginning. I've really come a LONG way.

14. My long-lost dimple on my cheek has reappeared. I haven't seen it in years. Seriously. Like since 1996. LOL

15. I've found I do have a collarbone. Who knew?!? I'm still waiting to see the tendons/veins in my hands and feet. It's the little things. :)

16. It's easier to wipe my ass. (ahem, you KNOW what I mean)

17. I've still gone without soda. Somedays it's hard and I think about Amy and her Sunkist, but I've resisted. My vice is Cranberry or Peach Unsweet Iced Tea from Sonic. Sometimes I feel like I would kill for a diet DP with a splash of cherry & vanilla, but I conquer and move on.

18. I'm starting to notice male attention, positive attention. It could just be my perception, but people seem to be a bit nicer. Odd.

19. I'm always cold now. Who knew fat was such a good insulator.


20. I'm off my blood pressure meds and it has been awesome everytime I've had it checked.

It's amazing. When I started this journey at the beginning of 2010, a common complaint I heard (read) from several people was they wished they had had the LB done sooner. At first, like right after surgery and those first Hell months, I thought they were on crack. NOW, I know....

Now I know exactly what they meant. :)


  1. Great post! Congratulations on your success! I was banded the day before you - and have lost 46 - so I know EXACTLY how you are feeling. I could have written most of these points myself.

    I will have to try the tea at Sonic. I REALLY miss soda. I loved it all, regular & diet. It's amazing to think that I've had, in the last 6 months, less soda than I used to drink before lunch... kind of gross!

    Here's to an AMAZING next six months for us! I can't wait!

  2. Excellent post, excellent achievement!!! Congrats and high fives to YOU! I'm proud of You!

  3. Congrats! I am so happy for you. I remember when you were questioning whether or not this was gonna work, and I told you it would. I WAS RIGHT! LOL Just teasing - I'm so proud of you for persevering. Here's to a wonderful 2011 - and another 50+ lbs gone!

  4. Yay for you! I am very happy for you. This is a great post. And the part about wiping your I get it!

  5. I am so happy for you. What a great present.