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Saturday, November 20, 2010

8 Years in Pictures

I have been online trying to update the layout of my blog. I was SOOO sick of what I had before. When I started looking around online, I found this one for Xmas! I thought it was pretty groovy! Anyway, so I started playing with the layout and I was going to put some older pics in the column on the right so people viewing my blog could see where I was before all of this started.

You know, the fat pictures.

Or should I say, the fat-ER pictures.

I'll probably still put them on my blog layout eventually, but I decided to post them here.

These really make me sad to look at. Not only do I remember that girl so well, but when searching for pics, I realized they were hard to find. I know the moms out there can probably relate to always being the photographer and never the subject, but I think I made a conscience effort in the last 8-10 yrs to avoid being in front of the camera. I mean, avoid it like the plague. What makes me more sad, is scanning through holiday pics of my oldest DD and not seeing ANY of me with her.

It's almost as if I wasn't even there.

That really breaks my heart. God forbid if anything happens to me while my girls are still young (or really ever), I would like to leave behind some photographic evidence that they did have a mother who loved them with all of her being. By being absent in the pics, whether intentionally or not, is really upsetting to me. Going through these have made me realize that I need to force my non-photographer DH to take some pics of me and my girls. They need to know I was there and that I love them. we go. A trip down plus-size memory lane....

1 comment:

  1. I love the new Christmas Blog - so festive and cheerful!

    It's true that we Mums aren't in many pictures, and it's sad too. I have so very few photos of my Mother - and I am doing the same thing. It's time for us to get IN the pictures, too! Might be a good New Year's resolution!

    It's also good for us to really see and remind ourselves of the reasons why we're working so dern hard to get healthier.. Thank you for posting your pictures.

    Have a GREAT one!