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Friday, April 16, 2010

My Last Supper, Oh wait, THIS is my last supper...

Since I decided that I was going to move forward with the LB surgery, why is it that every meal feels like it's going to be my last?? I have this sick & twisted mentality of "lets eat EVERYTHING we can now, because in a few months I will be choking down a Cheerio and loving it!" I don't know what happened, but I find myself wanting every bad food choice known to man.
Donuts? check.
Chipotle? check.
Chocolate? check

See what I mean (ooohhhh, Sees candy...only the best candy on Earth, I digress.) Have I mentioned how ADD I am? Oh, you will find out soon enough.

It's like an internal race I'm having with the fat cells. Lets see how many more I can acquire before I'm cut off from the fattening goodness that is donuts, Chipotle and chocolate. Those are just a few of my cravings too. I won't bore you with what I ate this week, but I'm guessing a weight gain of 2-3lbs wouldn't be a shocker. Uuugghhh. I need help.

On a positive note, I haven't had a soda in about a week. That's a miracle considering. I'm trying to cut out artificial sweetners (aka- Rat Crack) but seriously, who am I kidding?! I need my caffeine fix and drinking my coffee or tea without some kind of sweetner just isn't going to happen. Baby steps, steps.

I have my sleep study done on Sunday night. Bleh. Not looking forward to a bad nights sleep. I'm going to be a mess on Monday, I can already tell. My condolences now.


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  1. Your post just makes me hungry. Chipolte is screaming my name lately. I had a cheat day on Friday and had a cinnamon and sugar bagel and lots of chocolate milk and for lunch I hate YC's stir fry and I expected a nice little gain on the scale. To my surprise I actually lost weight, 0.8 pounds to be exact. WTF??? Then today I did the 5K walk for March of Dimes so I treated myself to the tall cup of frozen yogurt from Costco. Yum Yum.

    Good luck on the sleep study. I hope you actually get some rest.