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Friday, April 23, 2010

Not (clinically) Crazy, Hoop #2 Complete

bwahahahahahah <----psycho laugh

So I had my psych evaluation today and it looks like I'm NOT crazy, well not crazy enough to prevent me from having LBS! Yippy. I hope I'm not counting my proverbial chickens, but it seems to me I'm one day closer to getting this show on the road. That, my friends, makes me extremely happy and terrified at the same time. :)

The therapist was pretty easygoing and I think she could relate a lot of what my goals and expectations were concerning my weight. I think she is a mom too, so she 'gets it'. After the routine questions were asked like what my fears, goals, life history, etc... I had to answer a series of questions in three seperate test books. Test booklets like fill in the bubble with a Number #2 pencil, type test booklet. I felt like I was taking the CTBS tests all over again! (For those of you not from California, CTBS is the California Test of Basic Skills given to kids to see how smart they are or aren't.)

I think there was roughly 500 questions to answer. Here is a sampling of what I can remember. Oh, answer True or False. OR, False, Slightly False, Moderately True or True. LOL

1. Your use of drugs is starting to effect your job.

2. You are impatient with others who do not understand your plans.

3. You like to sky-dive.

4. You've had your face on numerous magazine covers this month. (I kid you not, true question. Uh, nope, my name isn't Kate Gosselin!)

5. You like to bite the heads off live chickens only on nights with a full moon. (OK, I made that one up, but you get the idea.)

Now, here is one question that I kind of thought "should I answer this truthfully or not?!". I did tell the truth, but if it hurts me I'm going to be PISSED!!!!!

Question: Have you ever taken medications that did not belong to you because you thought they would help you feel better.
I answered: True.

If you are married (or even if you're not), and you have a major headache and your hubby (SO) has some leftover Vicodin lying around from his back surgery, wouldn't you take one?? Cmon, you KNOW you would. I was just being honest and I hope it doesn't turn out to bite me in the bum. Hmmpphhh The surgeon should get the results back in two weeks or less. I'll keep you posted.

Hoop #2 is complete, and in one week I will have my first meeting with the dietician (Hoop numero tres!).

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