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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


My mood swings regarding this band is giving me whiplash. I apologize for the fact that one post seems like normal T, and the other is super pissed off T.

Well, this post is going to be another ticked off post, so at least I'm staying consistent.

I went to see DK today for another fill. My second. I stood on the scale expecting to see some kind of loss. hahahaha 248.4 I gained .4 in 2 weeks. Depressing, isn't it? Here I am busting my hump at the gym and I gain. Grrrrrrrrrrr

So once I got over that initial shock of the sucky scale, I got my second fill. He found the port, filled the port, and then had me stand, holding the needle IN my port, by the fluoro machine. I took a drink of the barium yuck, and there is sat in my baby pouch. Didn't even drain to the bottom. It just sat there. So, he let out a little until there was a small stream, took out the needle and that was it. I received 1.2cc so now I'm at 5.6cc in a 10cc band. I feel it. Restriction. (THANK YOU GAWD). I got in my car once I left the office and I took two drinks of water and felt it NOT going down. It eventually did, but it took a lot longer than I expected it to. Two days of liquids for me, that's for sure. In another two weeks, I get to do it again!

Anyway, so that's that. Oh, I didn't go to the gym tonight. Too pooped. I took the baby and walked around the hood. I need to go to bed earlier tonight so I can go tomorrow.

My DD started back to school this week. She's in second grade and seems less than thrilled for its return. She didn't get the teacher she wanted, and there is the devil's spawn in her class again this year. Can you imagine having a first grade who has been suspended several times for behavior issues?? I can't even fathom that, but that's the kid who is in her class again this year. The first time this kid throws a chair, or kicks the teacher, I'm requesting a room change. We put up with far too much crap last year to do it again. Don't piss off Mama Bear.

Anyway, thanks again for all the comments! Keep them coming (HINT HINT!!). I also apologize for being a crappy commenter too. I read them, but you all are so popular that if you have 20+ comments, anything I would have said has already been said at least 15 times!

Well, that concludes what's going on with me this Wednesday. I hope this finds you well and skinny. ;)


  1. Boo on the non weight loss. I'm sorry things are not going down. I bet you see some loss now with all the restriction. I'm still rooting you on as your cheerleader! Keep that exercise going!

  2. Hi, hope the restriction is good !! I've never once had a comment on my blog so if you feel like visiting anytime..... I even figured out how to put the google followers thingy there !
    Good luck with this week... Just be stubborn and convince yourself you have excellent restriction if u dont :D

  3. Yay for restriction!!

    And I feel ya on the mama bear thing! My husband wonders why I was terrified to send my oldest to school for the first time. Because kids can be MEAN, and while my girl is outgoing and friendly, she reacts very poorly to any sort of teasing (which is, of course, exactly the reaction a cruel child wants).

    So far, so good. But you'd better believe I'll be all over anyone messing with my kiddo!