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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

3D movies, Smart Phones, the Kindle and then there are Fax Machines

With all of the amazing technology that is available to those of us with poseable thumbs in the year 2010, you would think someone would make a freakin' fax machine foolproof.

When dealing with dr's staff, how many times have you heard "you didn't get it? I faxed it about 20 minutes ago."

Now either they are:
A. Full of sh*t and they know they forgot to fax it, but are trying to CTA so they lie about it, or they did fax it but didn't wait for the confirmation and it didn't go through, OR it did get faxed, but somebody on the other end 'misplaced' it. Either way, you would think that with all of our modern technology, SOMEBODY would make the dang fax machine error-proof.

Yes, I'm frustrated. I got a call from the LB Dr's office and they said they finally got my pysch eval, but not the letter they need from my PCP. So I called my PCP and left a message. That was on Friday. On Monday afternoon, I get a call from the PCP who called to tell me my lab results and say that they faxed the letter to the LB dr. OR SO THEY SAID.

So, this AM I called the LB Dr and wanted to verify they received it. Take a wild guess. NOPE, they didn't get the fax. Frustrated, but still pleasant, I called my PCP again and of course had to leave a message. Did I receive a call back today? Of course not. So again, I will make the calls to both and see if someone can give me a freakin answer. SOOOOOO aggravating.

Thanks for listening to me rant.


  1. What a PITA. I hope you can get someone to do their freaking job today!

  2. So sorry, I work in the medical field, at a hospital - believe me the disappearing fax mystery is a whole lot like what happens to the socks in the dryer. I feel your pain.
    Suffering from frustration myself today as I still have not go an insurance confirmation and I'm afraid that if I don't get to set a surgery date soon, then I won't be able to get get surgery until Sept. d/t everyone's pending vacations which will prevent me from being out of the office. waahh!!!!