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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Merging of the blogs?!?

Oh, before I start my post!! I'm so excited!!! I have
followers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAE!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks everyone!!!

OK, I have two blogs. The mom-blog that I started just over a year ago where I post all of my braggy pics of my family and lament over my mommy-moments. Oh, and where I bitch about my inlaws. haha (they don't know I write one) I would complain about my mom too, but she reads that one and I haven't thought to bring her up over here...yet. She doesn't know about this one, so I'm censor free over here. haha

Then there is this blog. The Band Blog. The 'T is fat and she's now doing something about it' blog.

I'm thinking about merging the two (even though I don't know if I can even do it). It's difficult keep up two blogs. I don't know if my mommy friends (skinny bitches, most of them!) want to read about my weight loss, and then I don't know if my fellow (soon to be) banders want to read about how cute my little girl looked today chasing her new kitten. Oh dilemma. :)

Maybe I will once I get the surgery. It will be a huge life change and I'll want to share the news with everyone once I start looking better. Hmmmm, anyway....until next time!

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