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Sunday, May 23, 2010


I'm waiting for Kimmel to come on. I need some answers straight from the horses' mouth.

I'm still lost. If you haven't watched it yet, leave now because this WILL contain spoilers.

So, as I was saying.... still lost.

OK. So they are all dead. The original Oceanic 815 passengers were killed on that flight. So, they were in limbo. Trying to right their wrongs before they could 'move on'. So, everything concerning the island, the mysteries of the island, the Dharma Initiative, the numbers, Ben, Widmore, Richard, Daniel, etc... were just random people/things that really didn't have any major significance to the main players in the story?! See, I'm lost. Still.

OK. My questions are:
Where the heck was Michael and Walt?! It was nice to see Vincent, but where were Michael and Walt? They were original 815 passengers. WTH?!

Also, wasn't Ana Lucia and Libby on the flight too? They were Tailies, right? They should have been in that room too, wouldn't you think??

Why was Penny in the room with Desmond?? Did she just die recently and that's why she was in there??

OK, remember in last weeks episode when Hurley and Desmond broke free along with Kate & Sayid, why did Hugo ask Desmond "Is Ana Lucia coming?" and Desmond said "No, she's not ready yet." Does that mean she was dead then too, but parading around as a cop, trying to tie up her loose ends??

Was everything in their sideways flashes totally true??

I noticed some inconsistencies in the finale. For one, Ben. He's crushed by a tree and everyone is trying to free him. A few minutes go by and who shows up after the duel between Locke & Jack? Why, it's Ben Linus without a scratch on him!! Oh ya, and the storm that was wreaking havoc and dropping buckets of rain just ended too. Must be in Texas! hahaha jk

The other flub I noticed was when Kate and Sawyer jumped off the cliff towards Locke's boat, the suddenly end up on the shore swimming toward Clair. Ummmmm what happened to your plan to get on the boat??? I don't get it. Well, the commercials are saying there were a few alternate endings, so I wonder if those flubs would have made better sense with a different ending. Let's hope.

I LOVED the scene with Sayid reuniting with Shannon. I literally got chills when she looked up at him and he saw the flashes that reminded him of who she was. Then, when Clair gave birth, again, to Aaron. I was crying right along with her & Kate. It was a beautiful scene.

Now when Jack opened the coffin, I expected him to see himself in there. Odd that he wasn't. Anyway....

Well, I'm going to watch Jimmy Kimmel and hope it sheds some light on what that ending was REALLY supposed to mean.

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  1. well I bawled like a baby for many of the scenes when they recognized each other - Libby however was in the room. But I'm with you where were walt and nate? Did you see Jimmy Kimmel - any enlightenment?